Our Story

"Fresh homemade Friday night pizza was a staple in our household and we want to share the love and joy of that with everyone." -Collin and Bethan Johnson (Owner and operators of PizzaCo.)

What makes it Neapolitan? the answer is our ovens. We use artisanal ovens that reach temperatures of 850 degrees. The result is kind of like magic. The high heat lets us cook the pizzas in ninety seconds. This means customers can walk in and or drive up, order and we will have their pizza to them within minutes. Perfect for lunch and dinner.

Neapolitan Pizza is a fun and exciting way to experience Pizza. We start with fresh handmade dough. We use an Italian double zero flour, water, salt and yeast. Then we let it cold ferment nice and slow until it is ready to be hand formed into dough balls.

Our sauce is simple and fresh, it starts with ground California tomatoes and then we…oh yeah that's it! The result is a product that is naturally sweet and full of flavor.

Now for our cheese that glorious substance that brings everything together. We partner with Grande Cheese. Grande Cheese uses milk from one of their six privately owned dairy farms in Wisconsin. The cows are certified happy cows, we are talking private sand beds and classical music (Not kidding). Our cheese is gluten free and consists of simple ingredients.

Building off the pizza trinity of dough, sauce and cheese we create balanced and delicious pizza creations. But don't forget about the sides! what's pizza without some breadsticks, cheese bread of a refreshing wedge salad?

At PizzaCO we strive to make the best possible food and environment for your take out and dining needs. We are excited to make PizzaCO your new favorite spot.